What you can expect at your initial appointment

Dear prospective partner in your dental health !


The Doctors and the care enabling staff here at MirrorDentistry work as one team to provide care. We believe that the best results are achieved when patient has full trust in the dentist and dental office has a true trusted partner in the patient. We look forward to becoming your partner in health where you trust us to do the best for you and also we trust you – there is a lot that depends on you diligently taking care of your health.


We first strive to achieve a good mutual understanding of what is the optimal way to help you,  then we proceed with work. This way we are sure that the best possible result will be achieved to your needs.


You can expect your initial examination to include necessary x-rays, an evaluation of gum disease, an assessment of tooth decay, TMJ evaluations, oral habit control, airway analysis, and dental development and growth evaluations. Our registered dental assistant (RDA) will greet you and perform some of the necessary data collection in order to prepare your doctor with as much information as possible before he/she sees you. If you have medical/dental records from another office please share with us or let us know where the records are ahead of time, so that we can request them prior to your arrival.  Doctor will discuss diagnosis and treatment options with you, estimates and payment options will also be discussed with the treatment co-coordinator. You can expect to be at our office for about 1 hour and half for this full exam.  Please feel free to bring your family members with you in assisting with decision making. 


Please complete(electronically if offered) the medical and dental health history forms found in the website / provided in the app or received in email. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email/ text or call. In case that you’re unable to maintain your scheduled appointment time, we need a commitment from you to let us know ASAP – if possible at least with 48 hours’ notice, as we have reserved this time especially for you. 


In closing, we would like to emphasize again that caring is our calling – impossible to achieve without your help and trust. Achieving the right care level in dentistry is never an accident but accomplished through the mutual trust and commitment of all – skilled doctor, caring staff and wonderful patient.


We are looking forward to meeting you.

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The MirrorDentistry Team