How to run myobrace kid on MAC

HowTo Run Myobrace kids page in MAC (Safari).

Please have 10 minutes bit of energy and patience… It is doable and so fun when it works for your kid! You may need admin password for this…

no flash… You have to install it or maybe just enable it. Below is how to do this – google enable flash for safari and you will get to the Adobe help page below:
You do not have Flash installed… If you do skip install and go to the preference (look below).
look to the left
choose what is on the left if you have newer Mac…
follow instructions above. You must know admin password for you MAC (or user that can install programs).
this is what you see in preferences – websites after the Flash successful install
Please make a check on the left to Adobe Flash Payer
Make sure the choice on the right is “On” for this site.
Please enter the code you got from the Mirror Dentistry.
this is how it works…