Welcome to MirrorDentistry!


Caring is our calling.


We really mean this and walk our talk. And we do that with PASSION in EVERYTHING. Be it dentistry, finance or IT. Dentists and support team care for you. Finance and IT care for their work environment.  So they can confidently do job worthy your high trust day after day.


We are not a new team. We have been around for quite a while. You might have known us under different name with different website (albeit same physical location). Our philosophy how we treat patients actually was the same – we just did not state it before as clear as now. In the last year big transformations happened (renovation and expansion to double the size one of those). The most important change though is not a number of chairs or doctors working. The most important is that finally we critically looked at who we are and  WHO WE ARE NOT. So we have changed the name and truthfully stated the mission and vision. The website was completely redone from scratch. We believe that the website has to be useful TO YOU ( as opposite to be useful for padding pockets of web designers and marketing spin artists).


We have removed few dozens of shiny pictures of actors, professionally done portraits of our staff and even proud picture of our coffee machine /the machine is still in the reception/. We have simplified the website architecture so there is no useless information and a jungle of links with articles likely nobody reads  /primary goal of those was to influence organic search results in Google/. We have even removed proud, long and boring lists of our doctors’ and staff’ diplomas awards and certifications. Those we thought are boring for you – unless you are hiring a doctor for your practice – then this website is not help for you (look at LinkedIn).


We care for your time so you will find instructions for postoperative care, PDF fillable forms and other hopefully USEFUL things.


We do NOT spend on paid internet advertising (paid ads or sponsored content etc.). We do not spam you (in any form – i.e. no flyers by mail). We do not display USA actors with perfect smiles on our front page. We believe in proven verifiable truth and work hard every day so we have no need to put false facade nor hide anything.


We pledge that you should NOT feel mislead by anything we have our control over. Can we be more clear ? If you think so – please poke around and post here (or email us) what else you think we could have changed/added/removed?




MirrorDentistry team.

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